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Hi, I'm Lalita Gopika

I’m a qualified massage therapist, wellness coach, healer, breath-work and meditation teacher. Throughout my decade of experience of working with the physical, mental and emotional illness, unbalance and dysfunction I’ve developed an intuition, empathy and a deeper understanding of why people become so disconnected from themselves and create all sorts of physical and mental imbalances.

I have mastered and am certified in many healing techniques and modalities, which have helped me form a holistic understanding of the human body and mind and ultimately assist in empowering, guiding and nurturing others toward a healthy happy life.

I'm a dedicated student of Radhanath Swami, whose teaching is rooted in the desire to serve; or Bhakti Yoga - guiding soul’s towards an awakening to their true nature so that they may experience the highest love and deepest joy, always available within.

If our body is strong but our mind is weak, we won't be experiencing happiness. If our body and mind are strong, but we don’t have a connection to our true purpose, we won’t feel satisfied. Total wellness must encompass wellness in the body, steadiness in the mind, and a connection to the deeper current of the soul.

I look forward to working with you,

In loving service,

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