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Hi, I'm Lalita Gopika


Hello lovely,
I'm Lalita, founder of ATMA - Your Healing Journey.

My name, Lalita was given to me in 2015 by my spiritual teacher Radhanath Swami. It's the name of a powerful, fiery and organized character in the spiritual realm, who is in charge of organizing intimate affairs for the divine couple.
The name is a reminder of the vows I have accepted to be given this name and the teachings of our lineage - to be humble servant of love and grace is the highest position in this world.


From a very young age I was always fascinated with mystical and spiritual subject matters, always believing that there is a force higher and more powerful than us, simultaneously guiding and nurturing us. I don't think there's anything better than sharing this magic with others.

I created ATMA which, is sanskrit for soul or the self, as a special offering for those sensitive spirit souls that are eagerly wanting to know more about the nature of reality their relationship with divinity.

My Story

I think you'll find most people in this line of work feeling a connection to spirituality from a young age and I was certainly no different. I’ve always sensed energy, known things without knowing how I knew them, and understood other people’s emotions and the causes. 

(Sound familiar?)

I didn’t understand HOW any of that worked, and growing up it was immensely overwhelming with it all and I would always try to escape the feelings, seeing them only as burdens.

At first the escaping was mostly in the form of depression, cynicism and withdrawal but as I aged and it transformed into intense rebellion with promiscuity and abuse of drugs and alcohol. I was deeply unhappy and felt no support around me. Even if there was a hint of it, I felt so unworthy I would push the person away with bad behavior.

But don't worry it get's better...
At 19 I managed to find some people that were a bit alternative, with their association that spiritual spark was fanned and began more seriously looking inward. Even though the belief and basic understanding was always there I was just so busy running away from the pain. 

I began with massage, being very kinesthetic this helped me to make my energy work or rather the things I felt and that surrounded me very tangible within and helped to give me some self esteem and self worth. Applying this knowledge at a local day spa I worked for two years and in my spare time I studied Ayurveda, Taoism, TCM and participated in a 10 Vipassana meditation retreat. Yes 10 days without talking wasn't easy!

I moved to Perth in 2007 and opened up a little massage business. I still continued studying, Shiatsu massage and also opened up into Reiki healing finishing my masters in 2008. I even added NLP and Hypnonsis to my now booming little wellness practice.
I still wasn't satisfied. I felt like a fraud, I didn't feel that I was really helping others and mostly I didn't at all feel happy in myself *sigh*

Here comes the Sun..
A friend invited me out to lunch to a vege restaurant I'd never been too. As I walked in I heard a voice say 'this place has great and deep meaning behind just food' I was intrigued!

Ordering my food, I also enquired about a book behind the counter, the man serving me was not so articulate so another man, a guest behind me told me about the book. He had the most intense energy, gentle but just so open and just kept sharing and sharing....

Turns out he was a traveling monk! We spoke for about 8 hours on all things spiritual! I became so attached to this person, almost jealous of the mind body freedom he had. The next day I decided this is the path for me!

We kept in touch and I followed his guidance and wisdom, that had been shared from his spiritual teacher. 
It was all about connecting everything with divinity with God. What I ate, my daily activities, my routine, my meditation. Immediately my life transformed, I felt so strongly that this was what was missing in my life.

I wanted it so badly, I decided to close down my practice and moved into an ashram setting a couple of months later. For 5 years I studied and practiced Bhakti Yoga - the art of selfless loving service to God all over the world. The scientific evidence from the Vedas that backed up everything I have believed my whole life and to be surrounded by others that wanted to know and practice these things too! Incredible! 

As much as I love the practices and teachings of Bhakti, after 5 years my body and mind began to really fight against the austerity that came with Temple lifestyle. It began to feel more restrictive than nourishing and so I began to contemplate how I could move forward, keeping the values from my years as a monk but in a more comfy lifestyle. The transition was very hard for me but one of the most healing and transforming times in my life, no doubt.


My life today...
I started again in 2016 with my wellness practice in northern NSW. Sharing again massage, spiritual coaching and energy healing. I am just so grateful I can serve others in ways that deeply align with my own spiritual values and ultimately share deeper insights with those I have the fortune to serve. 

However in 2019 I had been contemplating a new offering, moving away from the physical practices altogether and only focusing on subtle and spiritual. Even after everything I had been through to have faith and belief in my psychic abilities and that others would benefit from them alone without the other modalities was another hard transition but truly it's what I love most about my service, picking up on and being the conduit of those subtle flows of energy, impregnated with so much knowledge and love, and finding creative ways to pass this onto the recipient of this divine grace. It has always been fascinating.

 ATMA - Your Healing Journey was born


Throughout my journey so far I have learned and realized
that we're all always on our own special and unique healing journey which someone will always be able to relate to, but only your relationship with yourself and divinity can give you what you truly need and crave. 

Whatever knowledge you are given you must be able to apply it to your own situation. As a monk all the spiritual principles we learned are the same for everyone but how they're applied is so different.

And most importantly, there must be BALANCE with your body mind and soul or spiritual life. 
'There is no possibility of one's becoming a yogi, O Arjuna, if one eats too much, or eats too little, sleeps too much or does not sleep enough.' - Bhagavad-gita 6.16

If I have the fortune to work with and serve you I will always come from this place of authenticity and sharing only what I myself have practiced.

I look forward to working with you,

In loving service,

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