Atma Healing Activator


Does this sound familiar?


🤍Are you giving out all your energy until there’s nothing left for you?

🤍Do you have trouble expressing who you really are, your authentic self?

🤍Afraid that if you do people will reject and abandon you?

🤍Do you feel like you’re stuck in your head, constantly overthinking?

🤍Do you find yourself rescuing and ‘fixing’ others often?

🤍And feeling like you’re not getting back what you’re putting out?

If you can resonate with these, you're likely in the throws of a 'people pleaser' pattern but don't worry there are solutions.

Let's connect

In this Free 30min call we discuss your main challenges and what you are looking to achieve. I will share a little about how I work and some points we will explore during a session. In the process, we will also get to know each other to see whether we are a good fit to start a coaching journey together.


Wouldn't you prefer this?


🤍A wholesome self-care routine that fills you up.

🤍Understand your true authentic self and how to remain connected to the real you

🤍Know how to say NO and set healthy boundaries that don't send you into trauma response

🤍Feel centered grounded and connected 

🤍Know that you're the most important person and that giving to others won't help you find this

🤍Know and understand the people that will be able to reciprocate on your level


With the right, coaching, guidance, and transformative tools you can do all of that!

This is exactly why I created my Healing & Coaching program.  It's for smart women just like you!  You’re kind, you're clever, you can do anything you put your mind to – except show yourself love and put yourself first.

I've combined my skills as a coach and an Energy healer to be able to guide you into slaying your People Pleasing demons and take back control of your life!​

Atma Healing Activator Overview

Below is an overview of the different stages of transformation you can expect from working together

Your Story

​This first stage allows us to get to know each other, gently unraveling your story and planting seeds of empowerment, inspiration and encouragement for your inward journey.

Transforming Obstacles

With traditional forms of therapy (CBT) you’ll simply continue to talk about the issues that concern you but trauma stays trapped on many different levels our body, not actually in our mind and therefore just talking about it whilst you may feel better getting it off your chest it doesn’t actually get to the core and allow you to heal.
In this stage we will begin to explore inner tools or resources to support you in feeling safe to be in your body again. See that these parts need love and care and support.

Body Mind Connection

When trauma takes place our consciousness becomes fragmented into many peices and we naturally go into survival mode - zoning out disconnecting, disassociating, living in fear and depression. At this stage we’ll explore what your triggers are and what healthy boundaries


Spirit Connection - heart meditation, chanting

A big part of healing is understanding that you’re more than this body, you’re spirit soul which ultimately governs and guides the intelligence mind false ego senses and body.

In this section we’ll explore a little about your higher self spirit body and overview your energy body system

Authentic Expression 

You will have accessed lots of incredible inner tools and resources thus far and in this phase you’ll start to feel safe to live them - to live out loud.

Now feeling safe to express these parts of you that have been hidden, tucked away and pushed down for fear of judgement, rejection or just not fitting into the mold others have set for you.

Sacred Selfcare

In life there is always going to be something in our journey that can bring us to states of overwhelm, anxiety, depletion, burnout and stress but the more we stick to our inner healing journey we can always make a choice on what we allow into our world, what we allow to affect us. To see our challenges as something that’s on the way and not in the way. In this phase we’ll refine exactly what’s working for you in our sessions and make sure you have your self care routine all set up to make sure you have everything you need moving forward.

This is for you if 

  • You're fed up with your trauma response ruling your life.

  • Anxiety and depression are prominent in your day to day life

  • Feeling tired/drained and low self-confidence most of the time

  • Are tired of feeling stagnant or stuck

  • Often feel anger and lack of compassion or self-love

  • Feel disconnected from yourself or others

  • Inability to express and communicate feelings and emotions

  • You’ve tried to change your habits in the past but always revert back to old patterns

  • Know that there is more for you to experience but you’re not sure where to start

  • Are ready to experience life and all it has to offer on a more empowered, expansive and fulfilled level


This isn't for you if -

  • You're not ready to commit to yourself & create lasting change

  • You're not open to leaving your comfort zone 

  • You desire to have your hand held throughout every step of the process, BUT are not willing to put in the work that is assigned to you

  • Your vibrant health & wellbeing is not your priority


Lesley Allen
Web Designer

I just wanted to thank you for turning my life around. I honestly don't think I would've been able to feel better had it not been for our sessions together. I am now able to comfort myself better than I ever have. I am more spiritual now. And that's because of you. I still have tough times, but they don't last very long and I am kind to myself when I feel crappy. I think you helped heal my brokenness.



My sessions with Lalita have given me such incredible insight. She holds space, deeply listens and has allowed me to see major truths in my life I had not been aware of. This is done in the most intuitive and empowering way, being both gentle and holding me accountable at the same time. My life has transformed since my first session with Lalita. If you are ready to take the step to grow and expand I can’t recommend Lalita enough.


Kirby Gordon

I am eternally grateful for Lalita's support as my mentor throughout the deeply personal journey of healing. With Lalita's guidance I was reminded, who I was at a soul level and learnt to see what was already within myself, to transform my life!

Lalita is professional and wise with so much knowledge to share. She is deeply intuitive, listens respectfully and holds a safe space.

I trust Lalita completely and recommend her services to anyone seeking support to release trauma, learn about themselves at a deeper level and heal holistically.

What you receive

The flow looks like this over the 12 weeks -

 One week of 60-90min coaching

 One week of 60-90min energy healing

and we alternate like this, focusing on the above flow until we’ve reached the end of the program.

  • 6x 90min Spiritual Coaching Sessions 

  • 6x 90min Energy Healing Sessions     

  • Sessions and benefits from the LightWorker Program

  • Unlimited Messenger/Email support for support, guidance and accountability 

  • Inspired actions to help you implement your integration

  • Inner Child Healing

  • Personalized Guided Meditations

  • Embodiment Practices

  • Spiritual guidance + education


Program Options

  • AHA Program

    6 Energy Healings & 6 Spiritual Coaching Sessions
    Valid for 3 months
    • 6x Spiritual Coaching Sessions
    • 6x Energy Healings
    • Unlimited Messenger/Email support for accountability
    • Sessions and benefits from the LightWorker Program
    • Inspired actions to help you implement your integration
    • Inner Child Healing
    • Personalized Guided Meditations
    • Embodiment Practices
    • Spiritual guidance + education
  • AHA Program PLAN

    Every month
    Payment Plan for 3 months
    Valid for 3 months
    • 6x Spiritual Coaching Sessions
    • 6x Energy Healings
    • Unlimited Messenger/Email support for accountability
    • Sessions and benefits from the LightWorker Program
    • Inspired actions to help you implement your integration
    • Inner Child Healing
    • Personalized Guided Meditations
    • Embodiment Practices
    • Spiritual guidance + education

I didn’t always have access to my inner resources and a wealth of transcendental knowledge.


I was actually an emotional mess!


I knew that something wasn’t right but I didn’t really know what to do about it. I was completely stuck in my anxiety ridden head and expert at pushing away, anyone who tried to get close to me. I was absolutely terrified of being rejected so I kept everything inside and externally just tried to fit myself into what I thought would please others so I could feel validated, worthy and most of all feel some resemblence of love.


I whole heartedly believed my monastic lifestyle (yes I was a monk for 5 years!) would give me the emotional freedom I desired and in many ways it saved me. It saved me from a world of suffering and connected me with the most incredible spiritual practice and uplifting community that I now call my family but sadly I still continued my people pleasing pattern into this space too.

So much that I actually had a massive mental, emotional and physical breakdown. I’d pushed myself so far, squished myself into so many little boxes that had little or nothing to do with the real me and everything to do with my need to feel validated, seen and worthy - loved.


It broke my heart on many levels that I could do this to myself and in the name of spirituality. But I later realized I had to break to really see what I was doing and why. To begin again and build a strong inner foundation.

I then went on to connect with therapists and counsellors, the usual route that most of us take. Which don’t get me wrong has some incredible benefits if you can find someone who fits in with you but I came to a point where just talking about it, no longer worked for me.


I needed to go deeper inside, I wanted to find ways to communicate with the parts of me that needed healing in a way that made sense for me, instead of feeling like I needed to vent or rely on someone else every time I felt triggered which not only meant I needed to spend money but I wasn’t really being given tools to no longer need therapy. Frustrating!

Through much study, trial and error I created a system for myself that allows me to no longer completely freak out in trigger mode but have a reconnect with those parts of me, seeing it as part of my healing journey.