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ATMA-Healing Program


For those desiring Transformation!

1 : 1 Personalized Coaching, Mentoring & Energy Healing Program

Healing is actually a simple process but it requires immense courage to face ourselves and consciously show up. You don't have to do it alone. Let's do it together!​ 

With the right support, guidance, and transformative tools you can do all of this!

This is exactly why I created the ATMA Healing Program. 

A specialised program to support Empath and Highly Sensitive women to take charge of their emotional world, free trauma imprints and live divinely aligned.

You’re compassionate and you can do anything you put your mind to – except show yourself love and put yourself first!


Does this sound familiar?


Feeling blocked/stuck when you look inside yourself, want and desire support and resources to do this

Lack clarity, creativity and inspiration in your day to day

Have trouble expressing who you really are, your authentic self

Feeling triggered, agitated, frustrated, burned out or depleted majority of the time

Feel like you want to release control and live divinely aligned

You’ve worked a lot on your survival mode/trauma response but still feel it creeping into your day-to-day dealings

You have a dire need to connect with your inner world and be able to easily express this with the world. 

If you resonate with these - Lovely, your emotional and spiritual growth needs are likely not being met or are needing to be updated!


Wouldn't you prefer this?


To take charge of your emotional world

A wholesome self-care & spiritual routine that fills you up amidst your busy lifestyle.

Understand and meet your emotional and spiritual growth needs - remain connected to the real you

Your emotional world and emotional connection with yourself is safe, healthy and you attract like-minded people to you.

Feel centered, grounded and connected, trauma response no longer rules your inner world

Know exactly what fills you up emotionally and spiritually, giving to others doesn't take from you

Understand your emotional wounds and exactly how to turn them into moments of empowerment and divine grace

Create deep connection with yourself and your personal relationships

An Online Learning Portal 

 which includes a 6 module course that is phased out over 6 months. We go through 1 module every month and connect what you're learning within our 1:1 sessions.

LIFETIME access to all future upgrades

7x 1:1 Coaching Sessions

Spiritual Growth Coaching and mentorship session. All our sessions are recorded so you can go back over them

Done with YOU transformational journey!

6x 1:1 Energy Healing Sessions Clear out energetic blocks, attachments and more. Plus learn about your energy body and chakras within each session

Check in Calls & Messaging

Have access in between sessions to assist with transformation and healing.

ATMA Healing Program

A unique blend of Vedic knowledge, shadow work, somatic therapy, energy/chakra work, psychology, NLP and deep spiritual transformation, makes this so much more than a coaching and personal development program!

Below is a basic framework of the different stages of transformation you can expect from working together. However, each person's journey is very unique and the program will be tailored to your specific needs


​This first stage together allows us to get into a gentle flow of reciprocation, building trust and unravelling your inner stories, unique needs, core wounds and beliefs whilst simultaneously planting seeds of empowerment, inspiration and encouragement for your inward journey.

  • Intro to intuition &your energy body + chakras

  • Stepping Away from Trauma Response

  • Somatic Processing

  • The Science of Trauma in the Body - Survival Mode

  • Creating a Sankalpa - Heart Intention

  • Exploring the Seven Areas of Life 

  • Witnessing Your Mind's Stories

  • Muladhara Chakra - Your Tribe

  • Guided Meditations


Start to hear the callings of your inner world, understand how to listen and be present with YOU.

In this stage we will gain deeper clarity on your inner stories, how this relates to your base and sacral chakras as well as your inner child and how this plays out externally - triggers, behaviours and actions.

  • Healing guilt and shame

  • Inner Child Healing

  • Svadishana Chakra

  • Breath & Body Work

  • Guided Meditation

  • Hierarchy of Needs

  • Reclaiming Play

  • 5 Lower Self Needs


Now learning to lean into your inner resources and inner world we can begin to connect with higher parts of ourselves (adult/higher self) and use this to support, govern and guide those parts of us that are in need. Beginning to see we're not these parts in need, that they are just a part and it's part of our journey for it to be this way. Catching your old patterns playing out and knowing what to do and how to transform through the ATMA Healing Method!

  • Overcoming Self Sabotage

  • Introduction to Core Wounds and Triggers 

  • Developing Lasting Confidence

  • Physical + Emotional/Mental Identity

  • Navigating Triggers

  • Manipura Chakra

  • Accessing Adult/Witness/Higher Self

  • Guided Meditations

In this Complimentary 30min connection call we discuss your main challenges, some points to support you moving forward as well as feel out if there's alignment for us to journey together.



Beginning the process of rebuilding your inner foundations and creating a new framework more aligned with your truth, purpose and connection to divinity!

Our heart is the seat of our soul. A big part of healing is returning to the principle that we’re more than this body, we’re spirit soul which ultimately governs and guides our intelligence, mind, false ego, senses and body - our day-to-day reality. All throughout we will be uncovering and understanding how to transform your emotional wounds but it’s our heart chakra that governs these wounds so it’s here where we’ll begin the process of actively transforming them.

  • Practicing Forgiveness

  • Overcoming Self-Sabotage

  • Embrace Your Shadow Self

  • Qualities of the Soul 

  • Transform Emotional Wounds

  • 6 Types of Boundaries 

  • Learning to Receive safely

  • Anahata Chakra

  • Guided Meditations


All throughout we’ve been laying spiritual principles and unique inner resources and in this phase, you’ll start to feel safe and confident to live them - to live out loud!

Authentic expression, no longer needing to keep certain parts of you hidden, tucked away or pushed down for fear of judgement, rejection, abandonment, or trying to fit into the mould others have set for you.

Creating and maintaining your own unique authentic expression as well as having a place to come back to within yourself to recharge and reignite your creative expressions.

  • Healing Intuitive sight

  • The Power of Choice & WillPower

  • Accessing & expressing authenticity

  • Heathy Empathy through Spiritual Connection
    Creating Sacred Space

  • Vishuddha & Anja Chakra's

  • Spiritualizing Emotions

  • Divine Feminine 

  • Guided Meditations


Having more control over our inner/emotional world, and stepping into more mode of goodness - peace, and harmony with ourselves and our environment we can easily springboard into a reciprocal relationship with divinity. Gently ushering our consciousness to accept divine will. One of the greatest challenges on our healing journey.

In life there is always going to be something in our journey that can bring us to states of overwhelm, anxiety, depletion, burnout and stress but the more we stick to our own framework of self we can always make a choice on what we allow into our world, what we allow to affect us.

To see our challenges as something that’s on the way and not in the way.

As well as refine exactly what’s working for you in our sessions and make sure you have your Spiritual self care routine all set up so you have everything you need moving forward.

  • 3 levels of truth

  • 3 modes of material nature - psychology of the vedas

  • Being a beacon of light

  • Spirituality into your Work

  • Creating Sadhana-Spiriual routine

  • Guided Meditations

  • Sahasrara Chakra

This is for you if -

  • Want to take charge of our emotional world

  • Want to understand your triggers, emotional wounds and shadow self, childhood patterns and TRANSFORM them

  • Want to improve your emotional/spiritual/physical health

  • Navigate challenges in life with grace and higher guidance

  • Feeling depleted, stagnant or stuck emotionally and spiritually

  • You're ready to increase your self-worth and activate your personal power

  • Want to feel inspired and creative

  • Are looking for deeper fulfillment and meaning in life

  • Connect to your inner guidance and intuitive wisdom in life decisions

  • Find clarity about what you actually want in life

  • You're deeply Spiritual/God conscious but feeling stuck in how to apply this further

  • Are ready to learn the process of a self healing inner journey that will completely change your life!!

This isn't for you if -

  • You're not ready to commit to yourself & create lasting change

  • You're not open to leaving your comfort zone 

  • Not ready to commit to yourself and make the changes necessary to live your greatest potential

  • Your emotional/spiritual/physical health are not a priority

  • Not ready to invest in yourself and your future



Deep understanding of your energy body, chakras, somatics, core wounds, beliefs

Seeing your life as spiritual and in line with divinity, moving into life as an act of devotion

  • Navigate and dissipate triggers

  • What is your inner child and how to connect

  • What is your higher self and how to connect, lift yourself

  • What healthy Boundaries look and feel like

  • Turn fear into love

  • Being able to see your trauma response as a blessing, something to lean into.

  • Have loving reciprocal relationships

  • Have loving relationship with divinity

In short to have the necessary tools to self heal, feel connected to your divine purpose and have a clear inner framework and foundation to know what to do to move forward

My goal is to support you to initiate deep transformation in your life.

This holistic program will be like a Intervention you never knew you needed and simultaneously a personalized “home retreat” based on all the best tools that I use each and every day.


Online App

connect to all the course resources through an application on your phone. Specialized guided meditations at your finger tips

Empath Hub Online Group

an intimate community to connect, share your journey with, and create lasting bonds

Client Love


Deidre Jones
Support Worker

“ I have found the life coaching, counselling, and healing by Lalita to have changed my life.


Having trauma as a child and even adult I didn’t realise how it affected my response to life.


The permanent stress and need for validation and keeping people happy.


She has given me through her online study and personal visits the tools to be able to take control, understand my reactions to situations feel more confident and most of all feel worthy. I cannot recommend her methods enough and plan to continue with the study and support.


Social Worker/ Psychologisst

Lalita, thank you, for helping me get clear on what is truely important to me, and and gain clarity on the things that are no longer serving me:

My rampant self sabotage filled with guilt and shame has become a soft, emphatic and inquisitive voice. 

Instead of numbing out, closing myself off, hiding from the world with emotional eating and binge watching, I can now show myself compassion and travel through the emotions as movement allows the emotions to come, go and dissolve. 

I no longer feel the need to give away my self worth, my time, energy and power. With self worth came healthy boundaries, being able to say no to things that aren’t giving me joy, energy or a feeling of purpose. 

I no longer feel driven by external validation and I feel safe to ask for help and guidance when previously it made me feel so weak and angry. 


Actaully asking for help was one of the strongest things I’ve ever done. 


Lalita helped me to learn how to trust again, in myself and in others, to receive, and to reconnect with the universal energy so I can now stand in my own power. She helped me clear the heavy load on my shoulders, by giving insight in those stories & triggers. Understanding them and the needs they were serving, protective responses that once kept me safe, but were now holding me back.


We can all do with someone that’s isn’t afraid to ask the hard questions and keeps asking until you get to the core of something. Until it becomes a habit of your own.


Jacqueline Voss
Animal Welfare Officer

When I started the ATMA program, I felt very lost and confused.


My relationship brought up unhealed wounds I wasn't even aware of.


The sessions with Lalita gave me great comfort. Knowing that somebody is there who doesn't judge and who is empathetic and understanding. As well as encouraging me and giving me tools to support my inner transformation.  


Now that we’ve finished the program I finally have the feeling that I healed most parts of my inner child. I'm way less reactive to my past triggers and I'm where I want to be in my life. I am trusting my path and I believe that I learned the lessons I had to learn to make the progress I made!


Anyone who feels stuck in some way or unhappy with their current situation or hasn’t fully healed from their trauma response patterns because some experiences are hard to heal from without any guidance.


Thank you, Lalita, you’re clearly her destiny to be a healer and to do coaching.


Leanne Whiting
Support Worker


What you receive

The flow looks like this over the 24 weeks -

 Once/ month 90min spiritual growth coaching

 Once. month 90min energy healing

and we alternate like this, focusing on the above flow until we’ve reached the end of the program.

  • 7x 90min Spiritual Coaching Sessions 

  • 6x 90min Energy Healing Sessions   

  • Online learning portal - self paced

  • Messenger/Email support for support, guidance and accountability 

  • In between accountability calls

  • Inner Child Healing

  • Shadow Work

  • Personalized Guided Meditations

  • Somatic & Embodiment Practices

  • Detailed and personalized teaching of your energy body and chakra system

  • Releasing trauma and calming the nervous system

  • And so much more!


Hi lovely.

I'm Lalita! Your guide for this special inner journey ahead. 

I didn’t always have access to my inner resources and a wealth of transcendental knowledge.


Actually I was an emotional mess!


Even though I was studying and practising all the 'right' things, psychology, NLP, healing tools, bodywork, and loads of different types of meditations. I knew that something wasn’t right but I didn’t know what to do about it.


I was completely stuck in my anxiety-ridden head and expert at pushing away, anyone who tried to get close to me. I was terrified of being rejected so I kept everything inside and externally just tried to fit myself into what I thought would please others so I could feel validated, worthy and most of all feel some resemblance of love.

I wholeheartedly believed my monastic lifestyle (yes I was a monk for 5 years!) would give me the emotional freedom I desired and in many ways it saved me. It saved me from great suffering and connected me with the most incredible spiritual practice and an uplifting community that I now call my family but sadly I still continued my trauma responses/people-pleasing pattern in this space too.

So much so that I began to use my spirituality to bypass my emotional world which resulted in a massive mental, emotional and physical breakdown. I’d pushed myself so far, squished myself into so many little boxes that had little or nothing to do with the real me and everything to do with my need to feel validated, seen and worthy - loved.


It broke my heart on many levels that I could do this to myself and in the name of spirituality. But I later realized I had to break to see what I was doing and why. To begin again and build a strong inner foundation.
It's this experience that helped me show up for myself in the most profound and meaningful ways, I went deeper inside and found ways to communicate with the parts of me that needed healing in a way that made sense for me.


And now I teach and share these tools with women all over the world so that they can find themselves and live life as their fully healed version of themselves!

If you're reading this, you're likely yearning to be aligned with your fully healed self too! Wanting to master your emotional world and stop allowing it to envelope your day to day.
If this resonates, click the button below and let's connect. 

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