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Empowered Empath Retreat

24th October - 2nd November 2024


Empowered Empath Retreat


10-day personalized Ubud, Bali Retreat for Empath women needing to completely reset their nervous, master their emotional world and deepen their connection Divinity.

24th October - 2nd November 2024

Our environments, our work and very often family dynamics can be quite triggering, and overwhelming. Whilst we may have coping strategies and even healing tools, there's often just not the time and space to go deeper and truly reset! 


This immersive experience will allow your body, mind and spirit to release any trauma response patterns, that may be holding you back in your current reality, ultimately allowing you to move forward with clarity, and certainty into your fully healed self. 

And most importantly taking this fully healed self back into your day-to-day environment. Feeling empowered and uplifted!

Mt Batur Hot Springs.jpeg

If you resonate with these - your emotional and spiritual growth needs are really important to you but you’re not sure how to implement this into your day to day or feeling stuck with the current resources...

What's Included

Done with YOU transformational journey!


10 days and 9 nights in complete luxury. Large private room overlooking the rice field or pool. Each room has it's own private bathroom and kitchen. 

5x Transformational Workshops

  • Somatic Processing

  • Inner Child + Higher Self

  • Boundaries and Shadow Work

  • Healthy Empathy through Spiritual Connection 

9x Breakfasts
8x Lunches
1x Dinner  

Nourishing Vegan and Vegetarian meals provided throughout your stay and delivered to your private villa 


Sound Healing
Yoga Asana
Vedic and Balinese Culture


Water Temple
Hot springs

Ridge walk
Rice fields
Bali Swing 

10-Day Itinerary

24th Oct
Remove the jetlag and rest by the pool with a smoothie for the day. 
5pm - Opening circle - Officially opening our retreat by setting intentions for our time together and immersing in grounding and nourishing sound bath with singing bowls and kirtan.
7pm - Dinner

Pura Mengening1.webp

25th October
8.30am - Breakfast

9.30am - 10.30/11am - Stepping Away from Trauma Response Workshop - learn a variety of somatic processing tools to really understand and feel what it's like to be in a state of rest and digest (parasympathetic nervous mode) so that when triggers and trauma responses arise you can bring yourself back 

11.30am - 1.30/2pm - Pura Mengening Water Temple. We will bathe in the sacred waters of the temple and offer our intentions of healing within the water. Afterwards a Balinese Priest will guide us through further spiritual rituals to purify our hearts and truly enter the healing power of Ubud. 
Rest - This is a very powerful cleansing ritual as well as a way for the body and mind to completely reset. Important to fully rest afterwards.
6pm - Birthday Dinner 

Bali swing.webp

26th Oct

8.30am - Breakfast

9.30am - 10.30/11am - Inner Child & Higher Self Connection Workshop - Learning to connect with the lower self/inner child and explore her needs and meet them through connection with the higher self. Building trust through this connection and how to bring this into your day. Guided chakra meditations. 

12.30pm - Lunch
Rest and Free Time 

3pm - Bali Swing - Our journey as Empaths is often feeling very alone and we have to figure it all out on our own. This fun experience is an opportunity to reclaim play, connection and adventure with your inner child.
5pm - Massage and flower bath treatments in your rooms 

Day 4 

27th Oct

6.30am - Morning Sadhana and Check-in 

7.30am - Breakfast
8am - Visit either Tanah Lot Temple. We will have a guide walk us through the ancient relics of these temples and bring our inner tools from the workshops into the space 

12pm - Lunch 
- Make our way back to the Villa
Rest and Free Time


Day 5 

28th October
6.30am - 
Morning check-in + Yoga Session

8.30am - Breakfast 

9.30am - 10.30/11am Boundaries Workshop - A deep immersion into understanding the 5 different types of boundaries, the 4 ways they can be violated and the impacts this has on our energy body and nervous system.
12.30pm - Lunch 
Rest and Free Time
4.30pm - Campuhan Ridge walk 
6pm - Ayurveda Shidodhara Treatment 


Day 6 

29th Oct

7am - Morning Sadhana and Check-in 

8.30am - Breakfast
9.30am - Workshop - Shadow Work - Explore how your environment is communicating with you through your shadow self. Explore the basic principles of shadow work as well as how to access and embrace your shadow self. 

12pm - Lunch 
3.30pm - Mt Batur H
ot Springs

Rest and Free Time

Day 7 

30th Oct

6.30am - Morning Sadhana and Check-in 

7.30am -
8am - Breakfast

Rest and Free Time

12.30pm - Lunch 
1.30pmTjampuhan Half Day Spa - A lush river valley setting with a unique grotto decorated with traditional stone carvings. Facilities include hot & cold whirlpool baths, a sauna, and a steam room. 

Rest and Free Time

Tjampuhan Spa.webp

Day 8 

31st October
6.30am - 
Morning check-in + Yoga Session

8.30am - Breakfast 

9.30am - Healthy Empathy through Spiritual Connection - Explore principles of healthy empathy and how to recharge your empath powers through a spiritual connection. 
Rest and Free Time
4.30pm -  Tibumana waterfall and forest therapy
6pm - Return to the Villa

Day 9 

1st Nov

6.30am - Leave to visit the nearby Radha Madhava Bhakti Temple and immerse in kirtan 

8.30am - We will have breakfast (prasadam/holy food) with the local devotees
12.30pm - Lunch
4pm - Kirtan experience in Ubud in the evening 

8pm - Return to the Villa 

Day 10

2nd Nov

8am - Closing Circle Morning Sadhana and Check-in - Share your reflections, realizations and things you'll be taking back with you into your space, as well as things you want to work on. 

9.30am - Breakfast
10.30am - Checkout 

Radha Madhava.jpg


Villa 1

The Most Private and spacious with rice field views, private bathroom/bathtub and kitchen

Villa 3

A wooden cabin with a balcony overlooking the pool and bathtub that overlooks the rice fields.

Villa 2

Very spacious and light-filled with a pool and rice field view. Private bathroom/bathtub and kitchen 

Villa 4

Beautiful wooden cabin with private kitchen, balcony and huge bathtub

What you will Experience

An Overview of what you'll experience throughout your 10-day inner immersion.

  • 5x Immersive Workshops 

  • Sound Healing & Kirtan & Yoga

  • 9 Breakfasts, 8 Lunches and 1 Dinner - vegetarian and vegan food 

  • Immersive experiences into Balinese culture 

  • How to connect with your inner child and higher self 

  • Ancient Balinese and Vedic Spiritual Practices

  • Explore your Shadow Self and navigate your triggers

  • Personalized Guided Meditations - Chakra, Breathwork, Mantra

  • Somatic & Embodiment Practices

  • Detailed and personalized teaching of your energy body and chakra system

  • Releasing trauma and calming the nervous system

  • Learn to witness your emotions

  • Massages, Shidodhara, Spa Day

  • Empowered Empath Retreat

    10-Day Ubud, Bali Retreat for Empath Women
    • 5x Transformational Workshops/Immersions
    • Private Room for each guest with Bathtub and Kitchen
    • Infinity Pool
    • Ricefield Views
    • Somatic Processing/Reset Your Nervous System
    • Explore what Boundaries Mean to You!
    • When and How to Apply Shadow Work
    • Create and build a Lasting Connection with Divinity
    • Vedic & Balinese Culture Immersion
    • Sound Healing and Kirtan
    • Waterfalls and Water Temples
    • Specialised Guided Tours
    • Yoga Asana
    • And so much more!
  • Empowered Empath Retreat 3 Month Plan

    Every month
    10-Day Ubud, Bali Retreat for Empath Women
    Valid for 3 months
    • 5x Transformational Workshops/Immersions
    • Private Room for each guest with Bathtub and Kitchen
    • Infinity Pool
    • Ricefield Views
    • Somatic Processing/Reset Your Nervous System
    • Explore what Boundaries Mean to You!
    • When and How to Apply Shadow Work
    • Create and build a Lasting Connection with Divinity
    • Vedic & Balinese Spiritual Immersion
    • Sound Healing and Kirtan
    • Waterfalls and Water Temples
    • Yoga Asana
    • Specialised Guided Tours
    • And so much more

Hi lovely.

I'm Lalita! Your guide for this special inner journey ahead. 

I didn’t always have access to my inner resources and a wealth of transcendental knowledge.


Actually I was an emotional mess!


Even though I was studying and practising all the 'right' things, psychology, NLP, healing tools, bodywork, and loads of different types of meditations. I knew that something wasn’t right but I didn’t know what to do about it.


I was completely stuck in my anxiety-ridden head and expert at pushing away, anyone who tried to get close to me. I was terrified of being rejected so I kept everything inside and externally just tried to fit myself into what I thought would please others so I could feel validated, worthy and most of all feel some resemblance of love.

I wholeheartedly believed my monastic lifestyle (yes I was a monk for 5 years!) would give me the emotional freedom I desired and in many ways it saved me. It saved me from great suffering and connected me with the most incredible spiritual practice and an uplifting community that I now call my family but sadly I still continued my trauma responses/people-pleasing pattern in this space too.

So much so that I began to use my spirituality to bypass my emotional world which resulted in a massive mental, emotional and physical breakdown. I’d pushed myself so far, squished myself into so many little boxes that had little or nothing to do with the real me and everything to do with my need to feel validated, seen and worthy - loved.


It broke my heart on many levels that I could do this to myself and in the name of spirituality. But I later realized I had to break to see what I was doing and why. To begin again and build a strong inner foundation.
It's this experience that helped me show up for myself in the most profound and meaningful ways, I went deeper inside and found ways to communicate with the parts of me that needed healing in a way that made sense for me.


And now I teach and share these tools with women all over the world so that they can find themselves and live life as their fully healed version of themselves!

If you're reading this, you're likely yearning to be aligned with your fully healed self too! Wanting to master your emotional world and stop allowing it to envelope your day to day.
If this resonates, click the button below and let's connect. 


Deidre Jones
Support Worker

“ I have found the life coaching, counselling, and healing by Lalita to have changed my life.


Having trauma as a child and even adult I didn’t realise how it affected my response to life.


The permanent stress and need for validation and keeping people happy.


She has given me through her online study and personal visits the tools to be able to take control, understand my reactions to situations feel more confident and most of all feel worthy. I cannot recommend her methods enough and plan to continue with the study and support.


Social Worker/ Psychologisst

Lalita, thank you, for helping me get clear on what is truely important to me, and and gain clarity on the things that are no longer serving me:

My rampant self sabotage filled with guilt and shame has become a soft, emphatic and inquisitive voice. 

Instead of numbing out, closing myself off, hiding from the world with emotional eating and binge watching, I can now show myself compassion and travel through the emotions as movement allows the emotions to come, go and dissolve. 

I no longer feel the need to give away my self worth, my time, energy and power. With self worth came healthy boundaries, being able to say no to things that aren’t giving me joy, energy or a feeling of purpose. 

I no longer feel driven by external validation and I feel safe to ask for help and guidance when previously it made me feel so weak and angry. 


Actaully asking for help was one of the strongest things I’ve ever done. 


Lalita helped me to learn how to trust again, in myself and in others, to receive, and to reconnect with the universal energy so I can now stand in my own power. She helped me clear the heavy load on my shoulders, by giving insight in those stories & triggers. Understanding them and the needs they were serving, protective responses that once kept me safe, but were now holding me back.


We can all do with someone that’s isn’t afraid to ask the hard questions and keeps asking until you get to the core of something. Until it becomes a habit of your own.


Jacqueline Voss
Animal Welfare Officer

When I started the ATMA program, I felt very lost and confused.


My relationship brought up unhealed wounds I wasn't even aware of.


The sessions with Lalita gave me great comfort. Knowing that somebody is there who doesn't judge and who is empathetic and understanding. As well as encouraging me and giving me tools to support my inner transformation.  


Now that we’ve finished the program I finally have the feeling that I healed most parts of my inner child. I'm way less reactive to my past triggers and I'm where I want to be in my life. I am trusting my path and I believe that I learned the lessons I had to learn to make the progress I made!


Anyone who feels stuck in some way or unhappy with their current situation or hasn’t fully healed from their trauma response patterns because some experiences are hard to heal from without any guidance.


Thank you, Lalita, you’re clearly her destiny to be a healer and to do coaching.

Client Love


Leanne Whiting
Support Worker

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