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Frequencies are every where, choose the right ones! 


Nuno Nina has developed over 25 million high vibrational frequencies in his nearly 30 year profession and is the creator of the gold cycle within your Healy. The interview below he explains the meaning of the Gold cycle and how to use it!

How to use Healy

Lisa Golda, an incredible practitioner of frequency therapy has been utilizing these high vibrations since 2007. She has served hundreds heal from very serious ailments and all with frequency therapy!
Her insights on the importance of using the Gold and Deep Cycles first are given below.

Here is her Ebook "In 5 weeks to Success" 
Please use this to start you Healy journey!

The Deep Cycle further explained by it's creator Jan Frederik Poleszynski! As well as the importance of natural medicine vs pharmaceutical industry.

Welcome to second step with Healy!

Even though Marcus Schmieke is the founder of Healy, he has collaborated with many scientists, physicists and health professionals to make Healy the most incredible experience for all of us!

Below are two such people that have a profound understanding of frequency therapy and how you can get the most out of your Healy experience!

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