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Get $47 OFF 120min Coaching & Healing Package


Does this sound familiar?


🤍Are you giving out all your energy until there’s nothing left for you?

🤍Do you have trouble expressing who you really are, your authentic self?

🤍Afraid that if you do people will reject and abandon you?

🤍Do you feel like you’re stuck in your head, constantly overthinking?

🤍Do you find yourself rescuing and ‘fixing’ others often?

🤍And feeling like you’re not getting back what you’re putting out?

If you can resonate with these, you're likely in the throws of a 'people pleaser' pattern but don't worry there are solutions.


I didn’t always have access to my inner resources and a wealth of transcendental knowledge.


I was actually an emotional mess!


I knew that something wasn’t right but I didn’t really know what to do about it. I was completely stuck in my anxiety ridden head and expert at pushing away, anyone who tried to get close to me. I was absolutely terrified of being rejected so I kept everything inside and externally just tried to fit myself into what I thought would please others so I could feel validated, worthy and most of all feel some resemblence of love.


I whole heartedly believed my monastic lifestyle (yes I was a monk for 5 years!) would give me the emotional freedom I desired and in many ways it saved me. It saved me from a world of suffering and connected me with the most incredible spiritual practice and uplifting community that I now call my family but sadly I still continued my people pleasing pattern into this space too.

So much that I actually had a massive mental, emotional and physical breakdown. I’d pushed myself so far, squished myself into so many little boxes that had little or nothing to do with the real me and everything to do with my need to feel validated, seen and worthy - loved.


It broke my heart on many levels that I could do this to myself and in the name of spirituality. But I later realized I had to break to really see what I was doing and why. To begin again and build a strong inner foundation.

I then went on to connect with therapists and counsellors, the usual route that most of us take. Which don’t get me wrong has some incredible benefits if you can find someone who fits in with you but I came to a point where just talking about it, no longer worked for me.


I needed to go deeper inside, I wanted to find ways to communicate with the parts of me that needed healing in a way that made sense for me, instead of feeling like I needed to vent or rely on someone else every time I felt triggered which not only meant I needed to spend money but I wasn’t really being given tools to no longer need therapy. Frustrating!

Through much study, trial and error I created a proven system that moves you away from a trauma response world, pleasing everyone else but yourself and into personal power! 

No longer completely freaking out and reacting to life, instead reconnecting with those parts that got lost along the way, seeing them as part of my healing journey.


All this & More


Clear RoadMap

How to move from Overwhelm to Clarity  

Personalised Support and Guidance 



What others are saying


Lesley Allen
Web Designer

I just wanted to thank you for turning my life around. I honestly don't think I would've been able to feel better had it not been for our sessions together. I am now able to comfort myself better than I ever have. I am more spiritual now. And that's because of you. I still have tough times, but they don't last very long and I am kind to myself when I feel crappy. I think you helped heal my brokenness.


Renee Hrudicka

My sessions with Lalita have given me such incredible insight. She holds space, deeply listens and has allowed me to see major truths in my life I had not been aware of. This is done in the most intuitive and empowering way, being both gentle and holding me accountable at the same time. My life has transformed since my first session with Lalita. If you are ready to take the step to grow and expand I can’t recommend Lalita enough.


Kirby Gordon


Hayley Skeggs
Yoga Instructor

It's been really wonderful to genuinely connect & share and to find a soul to lift higher with, so very special! The treatment was unlike anything else I've experienced, very gentle but so powerful. I felt a lot shift during and now I feel different, surely I'll sleep well! You are an inspiration Lalita. I can't wait to delve into this work with you. I love how much you know, you embody your knowledge so well, and share it effortlessly, I thank you for this. 


Julie Hippisley
Disability Worker

You have a beautiful calming presence. That helped me relax and open up. I loved the healing relaxation and the detailed information that came from it. I really enjoyed the whole process. I would definitely recommend you to anyone looking for a reading. Thank you very much for the session, I got a huge amount out of it


Kirby Gordon
Restaurant Manager & Ayurveda Practitioner

That an experience such as this, with an incredibly talented professional such as Lalita, isn’t something to be nervous of, it was safe, It was beautiful and it was a truly remarkable and enlightening journey for me.You are very kind, very gentle and yet strong. You really held space for me to open my heart and guided me every step of the way, it was very empowering.


So if you're...

  • You're fed up with your trauma response ruling your life.

  • Anxiety and depression are prominent in your day to day life

  • Feeling tired/drained and low self-confidence most of the time

  • Are tired of feeling stagnant or stuck

  • Often feel anger and lack of compassion or self-love

  • Feel disconnected from yourself or others

  • Inability to express and communicate feelings and emotions

  • You’ve tried to change your habits in the past but always revert back to old patterns

  • Know that there is more for you to experience but you’re not sure where to start

  • Are ready to experience life and all it has to offer on a more empowered, expansive and fulfilled level

It can be scary and overwhelming when we start or want to go deeper on our healing journey.

Unlike learning a physical skill, improving your education

the mind body spirit connection is subtle and therefore can be tricky to maneuver or find a foundation to work from and actually feels like we're improving!

If you're tired of trying to figure it out on your own and feeling like you're going around in circles, following the same patterns.
Let's connect! 

Just for you and for the next 24hrs I'm giving you access to my 1:1 Soul Session at $47 OFF

Soul Session

The Soul Session is a signature offering combining the two modalities, coaching and energy healing. These modalities allow me to understand what’s happening for you on deeper subtle layers - mind, intelligence, and ego.

Areas of ourselves that we often cannot see at all or not clearly but we experience them when we feel anxiety, depression, fear, anger, grief, resentment, limiting self-sabotaging beliefs..etc.

How does it work?

We start your Spiritual Coaching session, going over your intention allowing you to share and be heard - being held through words, loving intention and ultimately deep acceptance.

And the energy healing offers deep cleansing and clearing on all levels of YOU. 

Both modalities are accompanied by my ability to hold space, access intuition and recognize subtle transmissions of information that are received through inner guidance and psychic abilities, making each session completely personal.

My focus is to be a guide to you, gently bringing your inner world to the surface and give you tools to feel empowered and inspired about it! Instead of overwhelmed, depleted and burned out!

The soul session also acts as an initial session if we haven't connected before. Allowing us to  define which modality and program is best for you if you decide working together is the best option for you.


Soul Session


Investment: $155   ONLY $108

Online & In-Person Session available

Use the code SOUL on checkout!

I am eternally grateful for Lalita's support as my mentor throughout the deeply personal journey of healing. With Lalita's guidance I was reminded, who I was at a soul level and learnt to see what was already within myself, to transform my life!

Lalita is professional and wise with so much knowledge to share. She is deeply intuitive, listens respectfully and holds a safe space.

I trust Lalita completely and recommend her services to anyone seeking support to release trauma, learn about themselves at a deeper level and heal holistically.

Let's connect

If this resonates with you and you're ready to get started, just click the 'book now' button below and enter the code 'SOUL' when checking out 

If you can't find a date or time that works for you, please email me at 

  • Day 1 - Your Energy Body
    Understand the unique role that your energy body plays within a spiritual self-healing journey and learn how to implement this into your day with a guided meditation and journal prompts.
  • Day 2 - Core Needs
    Most of us don't actually understand what our basic needs are and how to meet them. Codependent relationships teach us to forget ourselves and just focus on survival. Understand your unique needs and how to bring this into your day with a guided meditation and journal prompts!
  • Day 3 - Lower Self
    Learn about your lower self and the unique 5 core needs that must be met. Understand how to connect with this part of you, meet these needs and the importance of this process within a spiritual practice!
  • Day 4 - Building Trust
    Moving into deep emotional stability requires lots of patience and kindness towards these parts that haven't been allowed an outlet of expression, perhaps ever. Here we'll go over some gentle tools for how to regularly show up
  • Day 5 - Higher Self
    Here we understand the unique function and qualities of our higher selves as well as the 7 core needs, how to meet them and what happens when we don't meet the lower self needs first!
  • Day 6 - Integration
    Learn how to integrate both the higher and lower parts of self. Understand the inner flow that needs to take place in order to really step into deep emotional stability and ultimately divine alignment.
  • Day 7 - Intuition
    Learn how to properly use your intuition within spiritual self-healing journey and why it's an important tool to lean on throughout your journey
  • Day 8 - Vedic Science of the Soul
    Learn about the unique science from vedic wisdom about your spirit soul, your relationship with the super soul as well as the best practice to activate this into your day.
  • Day 9 - Three Levels of Realization
    Also known as the three levels of truth or three ways we can understand divinity/god/supreme as well as how this connects with our soul and what practices actually support these different levels
  • Day 10 - Choosing a Practice
    Learn about the 3 different types of meditation practices and which is the best for you to support your connection with lower self, higher self, bringing divinity into your day and ultimately healing body, mind and spirit.
  • Day 11 - Divinely Aligned
    Learn the key principle required to bring all these steps together and make your beautiful journey an offering to divinity. As well as the 4 simple steps to bring this into your day!

Enter the code 'SOUL' during the checkout process to get the discount
If you can't find a date or time that works for you, please email me at 

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