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Energy healing aims to restore the natural balance of life force that resides within your spirit or subtle energy body as well as your physical body and mind.

Energy healing is a powerful modality that focuses on your subtle energy body/electro magnetic field/aura or emotional body. It's very useful for many many issues and mostly it's incredibly relaxing!

Within your subtle energy body lie 7 main energy centres called chakras, these govern how we process subtle information or energy from outside us and what should be done with this information. Based on our experience of life, we consciously but mostly unconsciously decide where this energy should go. When we start to get sick, stressed, burned out overwhelmed, relationship issues, money issues, really any issues! These energy centres and your energy body need some help.


And that's where I come in... 

90min - $125


We'll connect either in person or via zoom for a brief intro and for you to go over your sankalpa/intention for the session.

Find a comfortable place to rest, meditate or sleep. The more relaxed you are during your session the more open and receptive you are, which makes it easier for me to serve, guide and heal.

We will remain on the call together in silence via zoom. You lying down and relaxing and me, physically in a meditative position

whilst holding space, accessing intuition, and processing subtle transmissions of information that are received through inner guidance and psychic abilities.

These skills allow me to understand what’s happening for you on deeper subtle layers - mind, intelligence, and ego.   ​

These are the areas of ourselves that we often cannot see very clearly. But we experience them when we feel anxiety, depression, fear, anger, resentment and, limiting self-sabotaging beliefs. 

These imbalances often present in one or more of our main energy centres or chakras, which I will aim to clean and clear throughout our session. 

After the Healing

After the healing is completed I'll start communicating to come back to the room as well as ringing a bell signaling for you to sit up when you’re ready.

Once you’ve come back to the call, I will then share with you what came through during the healing. Please keep a note pad and pen handy as you may want to jot down some notes.

When a person's life force is high, they will feel strong, confident. When it is low, they will feel weak, depressed, anxious and are more likely to get sick mentally and physically. Energy healing works to enhance this life force already within you.

Ultimately we're not just our bodies, we have thoughts, feelings, and emotions too! These thoughts, feelings, and emotions, even though we can't see them are actually stored in our energy bodies or subtle body which certainly have some lasting and powerful effects on us throughout each day of our lives!  And if not dealt with in a healthy loving way it can have damaging effects on our mind and physical body. This is where energy healing can be very useful!

Throughout your session, I use energy healing, which is ultimately very relaxing for you, in fact, it's been known to put my clients right to sleep! However, it also helps to remove any negativity from that we might be carrying and in general, cleans up our subtle energy body, helping you to feel light and energized after your treatment!

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