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The Body remembers what the mind forgets




My bodywork offering acts as a somatic resource for women struggling with trauma response and looking to reconnect with themselves.

The combination of modalities helps to calm and relax the mind, bring your focus back into your body.

We start with a small consultation so I can best understand how to serve you and throughout your session -
I use a combination of


Each session is tailored to your personal needs. I use each modality intuitively when and where needed to help you to feel deeply relaxed, nourished and refreshed.

70min - 90min - $125

Join the waiting list

Currently I'm at full capacity for my bodywork offerings, however spots open up all the time. Enter your details below to join the waiting list and get access to exclusive offers and discounts!

I'll be in touch as soon as the next available spot opens up.
I look forward to being part of your healing journey.

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