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Welcome to Atma - Your Healing Journey

As a intuitive empath I physically feel my clients trapped emotions in their body and I use this as a guide to assist my clients in accessing their inner world and move further on their healing journey.

Having struggled all my life with anxiety, depression and an array of trauma related responses that ruled my life, it's a very natural experience for me to share the tools that saved my life with my clients.

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Hi, I'm Lalita

I’m a former Monk, Intuitive Energetic Healer, Massage Therapist, Spiritual Coach & Mentor.

I support women experiencing emotional trauma to feel safe inside themselves again. Regain their inner strength and take back their power!


Are you looking to move from a challenging emotional state and access your inner healing journey?

You're likely very hard working  with a lot of responsibilities. Simultaneously you're very conscientious, caring and intuitive. Sometimes ‘too’ caring and towards the wrong people - people that can’t reciprocate on your level.

You’ve experienced trauma throughout your life and because of this, you find it hard to access your inner world - who you really are and what you need.

You acknowledge It’s become a bit of a pattern, attracting people that need you and often use you, instead of those that can give to you in loving healthy ways.

And you want this to change!

Right now you’re struggling with your energy levels, often feeling burned out, overwhelmed and really disconnected from yourself.

Almost every day feeling really triggered by small things which makes it really hard to feel safe in your own body and just get through each day. What to speak of feeling happy and fulfilled.
Sometimes there's panic attacks and constant anxiety, sometimes numbness mixed with shark anger, grief and even depression.

You've applied
Lots of some self help/personal development.
Different alternative therapies including counselling and perhaps connected with a few of healers, psychics, meditation teachers.

But you haven't found these helpful because you don't know how it applies to YOU!

What you need right now…

Some ‘me time.' Some nourishment and upliftment in your body mind and spirit!


Gentle guidance to connect with what you actually feel, so you can understand yourself more and move forward, with confidence. You know that you won’t be able to make big changes in your life to create more peace, loving relationships or a career change, without understanding how you can manage your fears, anxieties and stress levels better.

Are you ready to get started?

Each one of my offerings is completely personalized to you and your individual needs. Taking you on a inner journey, encouraging and inspiring you each step of the way!
I also take a look into your spirit body and see what’s going on energetically that is preventing you from moving forward, which makes so service completely unique and often why you may not have gotten results with other modalities!​



Energy Healing
Spiritual Coaching

In-Person Offerings

In-Person Offerings


This call allows us to touch on your journey, whats not working and see if we're a fit.

Online Zoom chat

15min - FREE

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Energy Healing
Soul Session
Spiritual Coaching

Online Offerings

15min - FREE

Online Zoom Chat

Online Offerings



Outward change directly corresponds with inner change. They go together.

Lesley Allen
Web Designer

I just wanted to thank you for turning my life around. I honestly don't think I would've been able to feel better had it not been for our sessions together. I am now able to comfort myself better than I ever have. I am more spiritual now. And that's because of you. I still have tough times, but they don't last very long and I am kind to myself when I feel crappy. I think you helped heal my brokenness.


Renee Hrudicka

My sessions with Lalita have given me such incredible insight. She holds space, deeply listens and has allowed me to see major truths in my life I had not been aware of. This is done in the most intuitive and empowering way, being both gentle and holding me accountable at the same time. My life has transformed since my first session with Lalita. If you are ready to take the step to grow and expand I can’t recommend Lalita enough.


Kirby Gordon

I am eternally grateful for Lalita's support as my mentor throughout the deeply personal journey of healing. With Lalita's guidance I was reminded, who I was at a soul level and learnt to see what was already within myself, to transform my life!

Lalita is professional and wise with so much knowledge to share. She is deeply intuitive, listens respectfully and holds a safe space.

I trust Lalita completely and recommend her services to anyone seeking support to release trauma, learn about themselves at a deeper level and heal holistically.

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