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Inner Child Healing

What is Inner Child Healing?

Perhaps you’ve heard this term before in passing but don’t really know what it means for you..

Inner Child is a common term used in psychology, and it is a great way of acknowledging and making tangible, the subtle aspects of ourselves.

Our inner child represents our Spirit body, Aura or Electro Magnetic Field. It’s the part of us that’s often hidden, that we struggle to access and express. Once we grow into an adult body we’re expected to operate and behave in certain ways yet what’s going on inside of us  doesn’t always meet those expectations and then can become very stuck or stagnant especially if there’s been some childhood trauma in your past.

What to expect…

This type of healing is especially great for those with relationship struggles, particularly with your partner or not being able to attract the right partner. Also if you’re struggling with day to day life ie feeling depressed, angry, overwhelmed and anxious then this is a sign your sacral or Svadhisthana chakra needs some special attention and loving care.

In these sessions I tune into your inner child/spirit body and communicate with this part of you revealing any messages and keys to help you move forward in your life.
Tuning in and sharing these keys are often very healing in themselves as we can feel that someone understands me. Loneliness is a common feeling for an unhealed inner child.

The healing part takes about 30min, from there we’ll connect via zoom and I’ll share with you what I discovered coupled with some tools to guide you into this part of you.

  • CHOOSE one thing you desire and one thing you’d like to let go of. Please add this to the comments section of your booking. You can always email me a more in-depth description of the items if you want to and you can change them up until the day of your energy healing.

  • After your payment is confirmed, you’ll receive a confirmation email with your booking details as well as a zoom link to connect on the day.

During the Healing

  • Firstly I will connect with you via zoom for a brief intro and for you to share one thing you desire and one thing you desire to let go.

  • Find a comfortable place to rest, meditate or sleep, the more relaxed you are during your session the open and receptive you are which makes it easier for me to serve you.

  • I will physically be in a meditative position and consciously I’ll be in the subtle realm administering the healing.

After the Healing

  • After the healing is completed I start talking to you to come back to the room and ringing a bell signaling for you to sit up when you’re ready.

  • Once you’ve come back to the call, I will then share with you what came through during the healing. Please keep a note pad and pen handy as you may want to jot down some notes.  takes a few minor “tune-ups” for the healing to settle in nicely. This is included, so you’ll stay in contact with me as the shifts settle.

Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of

I offer a 100% money back guarantee. If you don’t feel results within 72 hours of the session, I give you all your money back.There’s nothing to lose, except what no longer serves you.

  • 1 thing that you are ready to LET GO of

  • 1  items that you are ready to RECEIVE in your life

  • 60-minute full chakra healing + zoom call sharing the healing.

  • Personal Spiritual guidance to help you integrate the healing

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