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Join together in a fortnightly guided meditation and conscious discussion to activate and align with your highest self and divinity.

In a safe and sacred space we will activate a shared container and intention, cleanse our energy bodies, open our chakras, clear our channels with breath and mantra, attune to our highest self, clarify our highest vision, receive higher guidance and set accountability support to move forward together in our spiritual healing journey!


- If anything and everything about subtle energies and spirituality excites you!
- If you are just getting started on your spiritual journey and want to gain deeper insight and understanding 
- If you're an experienced LightWorker but you're playing small and could use a supportive space to fully bloom and rise in your true Light.

This sacred space aims to allow a harmonious flow of divine energies where can support each other in aligning with our highest desires. This is a space for remembering, reawakening, rewiring, and rebirthing into our highest truth.


It's not in our nature to do this all alone.

It's time to unify our energy and truly rise.


If this calls to you, it will be an honor to connect with you.

Cost:         FREE
Where:      Zoom

Time:        3.30pm - 4.30pm

When:       Sunday 26th September

Just click the button below join!

Limited spaces available!

The LightWorker Hub

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