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Are you needing some time out?
Wanting to learn how to really nourish yourself?

Let's face it, the past year has been pretty intense! Not only are the remnants of trauma from 2020 still prevalent in the hearts of many, we're still a phase of major transition. You may feel this within yourself but also in the lives of those around you...

These changes can be uncomfortable, disheartening, overwhelming and distressing on top of our already 'full' day to day lives.

This Mini Retreat is an opportunity to bring your senses and consciousness inwards and find that calm connection inside yourself that you know is always there but you just can't seem to get there.

2-2.5hrs - $155

  • 1:1 Spiritual Coaching & Mentoring

  • 1:1 Chakra/Mantra Meditation

  • 60-90min Hot Stone Therapy

  • Psychic Reading

The Mini Retreat is designed to bring deep relaxation and inner connection throughout the session. However also give you inner tools to fight the day to day stresses that arise with life. 

We start with a small consultation so I can best understand how to serve you, also helping us set an intention for our time together. This is where spiritual coaching as well as meditation techniques are applied.

What's in a Mini Retreat?

It's really a very personalized experience as my focus is to understand what's holding you back or stopping you from 'going inside' bring awareness there and give you tools to overcome this. For everyone it's truly a unique.

We often end with the bodywork - I use a combination of deep tissue, swedish, shiatsu, trigger point therapy, hot stone therapy and energy healing, using each modality intuitively when and where needed to help you to feel deeply relaxed, nourished, uplifted and refreshed.
This really helps to restore your natural balance of energy and also helps me to better understand where you're at, as I can read, feel, see what is happening for you on a spiriutal level.

These sessions are best experienced in a set of three as we know it takes time to learn a new skill and become habitual.
Check out Packages to book a set of three sessions.

When a person's life force is high, they will feel strong, confident. When it is low, they will feel weak, depressed, anxious and are more likely to get sick mentally and physically. Energy healing works to enhance this life force already within you.

Ultimately we're not just our bodies, we have thoughts, feelings, and emotions too! These thoughts, feelings, and emotions, even though we can't see them are actually stored in our energy bodies or subtle body which certainly have some lasting and powerful effects on us throughout each day of our lives!  And if not dealt with in a healthy loving way it can have damaging effects on our mind and physical body. This is where energy healing can be very useful!

Throughout your session, I use energy healing, which is ultimately very relaxing for you, in fact, it's been known to put my clients right to sleep! However, it also helps to remove any negativity from that we might be carrying and in general, cleans up our subtle energy body, helping you to feel light and energized after your treatment!


What is Energy Healing?

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