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The Body remembers what the mind forgets


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In this Free 30min call we discuss your main challenges and what you are looking to achieve. I will share a little about how I work and some points we will explore during a session. In the process, we will also get to know each other to see whether we are a good fit to start a coaching journey together.

Alternatively choose from one of the offerings below 


Energy Healing

Energy healing is a powerful modality that treats the whole person - body, mind emotions and spirit and will always focus on your specific needs in the moment - The energy goes where it is needed the most.

It's very useful for -

  • Pain relief

  • Peace & Security

  • Negative emotions

  • Overall well-being

  • Stress, Overwhelm and self doubt

  • Lack of clarity, creativity and inspiration

  • Anger and lack of compassion or self-love

  • Feeling tired/drained and low self-confidence

  • Chronic headaches, blurred vision, sinus issues

  • Lack of connection with yourself, source, the divine, and the universe

  • Inability to express and communicate feelings and emotions

It's also incredibly relaxing!

The energy healing can be conducted via video chat on zoom or in person.

I place my focus on you whilst in a meditative state, whilst holding space, accessing intuition, and processing subtle transmissions of information that are received through inner guidance and psychic abilities.

Each energy healing includes -

  • Intuitive chakra evaluation

  • Inner Child Healing      

  • Frequency Therapy Healing

  • 7 main chakras brought back to balance within Energy Healing

  • Aura Analysis + cleanse & protection

  • Detailed aura analysis sent to you

  • In depth reading of what's happening in your energy body

After the session I share with you any information that came through and guidance on how to implement this into your daily life.
Click here for more on what to expect and how healing works.


Energy Healing


Investment: $145

Online & In-Person Session available

30min Discovery Call:


Coaching & Mentorship

I utilize my experience as a monk, my training as a coach and years of study and realization about trauma to guide you on your own unique healing journey inwards. A healing journey back to you!

Within each session I may utilize -

  • Neuro Linguistic Programming

  • Somatic Therapy

  • Frequency Therapy

  • Inner Child Healing

  • Personalized Guided Meditations

  • Embodiment Practices

A coaching session with me, allows us to look very deeply into you and pin-point exactly what's no longer serving you. Each session I give you valuable inner tools to encourage, empower and inspire you from the inside, out! To give you what you need to thrive. Together we create an inner world that’s safe and no longer ruled by your trauma responses and triggers, instead a place of deep connectedness and self love.

I know you've tried so many things and some of them have helped a bit but you’re still feeling overwhelmed emotionally and like you’re chasing your tail, with no down time.
I truly understand! 

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Coaching & Mentoring

30min Discovery Call:



Investment: $145

Online & In-Person Session available

Soul Session

The Soul Session is a signature offering combining the two modalities, coaching and energy healing. These modalities allow me to understand what’s happening for you on deeper subtle layers - mind, intelligence, and ego.

Areas of ourselves that we often cannot see at all or not clearly but we experience them when we feel anxiety, depression, fear, anger, grief, resentment, limiting self-sabotaging beliefs..etc.

How does it work?

We start your Spiritual Coaching session, going over your intention allowing you to share and be heard - being held through words, loving intention and ultimately deep acceptance.

And the energy healing offers deep cleansing and clearing on all levels of YOU. 

Both modalities are accompanied by my ability to hold space, access intuition and recognize subtle transmissions of information that are received through inner guidance and psychic abilities, making each session completely personal.

My focus is to be a guide to you, gently bringing your inner world to the surface and give you tools to feel empowered and inspired about it! Instead of overwhelmed, depleted and burned out!

The soul session also acts as an initial session if we haven't connected before. Allowing us to  define which modality and program is best for you if you decide working together is the best option for you.


Soul Session


Investment: $155 

Online & In-Person Session available

30min Discovery Call:


For those wanting lasting change!

1 on 1 Personalized Coaching, Mentoring & Energy Healing Program

Change doesn't happen overnight, it takes conscious and consistent effort to shift and lift our consciousness.. Let's do it together!

Program Options



  • 3 & 6x Energy Healings

  • Aura Analysis

  • In Depth Reading

  • Channeled Messages

  • Frequency Therapy

  • Clearing & Cleansing of Physical, Mental & Emotional Bodies

  • Heal and release old, heavy, stagnant energy

  • Feel connected, uplifted & inspired

  • Feel balanced relaxed and peaceful


Atma Healing Activator

  • 12x weeks of coaching + energy healing

  • Sessions and benefits from the LightWorker program

  • Activating & deepening your healing journey

  • Understanding your inner world and how to use this to transform 

  • Creating inner resources that actually allow you to move out of trauma response world and much more!