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  • 3x 1:1 Spiritual Coaching & Mentoring

  • 3x Energy Healing & Body work

  • 3x Chakra/Mantra Meditation

  • 3x Psychic Energy Body Reading

$420 (3x 1.5h - 2h) 5% OFF

This package is aimed at those wanting to build on their already existing personal inner journey practice and basic understanding of personal development and spiritual practice. You're either wanting to go deeper into understanding your spiritual, metaphysical journey and or reignite an already existing inner practice.

Desiring to add to and lift your vibration through association and unique modalities.

Depending on what's holding you back will define the detail of each session together. However each session will include the above modalities to assist with - 
Understanding you Intuition

Awareness of your spirit body
Basic understanding of each chakra 
Developing a sound meditation practice
Developing a morning sadhana to keep your vibration high

Developing a relationship with your guides.


$455 (3x 2-2.5h) 5% OFF

  • 3x 1:1 Spiritual Coaching & Mentoring

  • 3x 1:1 Chakra/Mantra Meditation

  • 3x 60-90min Hot Stone Therapy

  • 3x Psychic Reading

Are you just so busy, burned out and desperately needing a break, a retreat?
This package is perfect for those high achieving types that are wanting some calm amidst the storm of their lifestyles, a safe place to come relax, unwind and get to know themselves again.

Your authentic self is when you feel most calm and satisfied, despite external environment… when is the last time you felt this way?

Unfortunately most of us have forgotten this part of ourselves due to day to day living as there is just so much expected of us! Throughout these Retreat Sessions, I guide you to reconnect with this part of yourself again.

Encouraging you to come back into your body through the relaxing bodywork
Bringing awareness to different parts of your character through coaching 
Bringing awareness to your energy body through meditation & sound vibration

Simultaneously guiding you to integrate this into your everyday life.


Spirituality isn’t about disconnecting or detaching from the the pain of life by sitting on top of a mountain in meditation, it’s about embracing each moment and seeing it connected with divinity - despite the pain and challenge facing it with love and grace.

I look forward to being part of your journey

In loving service,
Lalita xXx



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