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5 Signs Codependency is Unhealed in your First Chakra

Empaths, often struggle with people plesing and codependency traits which make it hard for them to identify their own needs as well as navigate and express their authentic selves.

This struggle is often developed throughout childhood when tribe members repeatedly reinforced that our worth, our sense of self, our very existence depends on us giving out and serving everyone else, before we even consider ourselves. Forcing us to neglect and abandon our own authentic expression to survive and fit in.

Our identity becomes enmeshed with the needs of our tribe which then becomes our own needs… Or rather the need to be needed by them.

If this remains unhealed in adulthood, we will likely greatly struggle in our 1:1 relationships. If we do somehow manage to navigate our fears around abandonment and find a partner, the partnership will likely fill very unfulfilled and at the very worst it will be abusive. (more on this within the sacral chakra).

Below are 5 signs that this pattern may be present within your first chakra

1. You are the emotional parent to your parents. 2. You feel guilt and shame around relationships with family members. 3. You’re unable to ground, be present in your body - high anxiety. 4. You feel obligated to be loyal to your family even if it’s not in alignment with your own beliefs and core needs. 5. You believe your family won’t survive without your input/involvement in their lives. Whilst it doesn’t seem harmful externally, after all we’re just ‘helping’ right? Actually the pattern of codependency and it how it plays out, deeply impedes our ability to grow and evolve on every level of our being! If you're feeling depleted, exhausted and burned out a lot of the time! This is a strong sign you're really ready for a change! Join my FREE Empath Mini Course to start protecting your energy without giving your power away!

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