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5 Ways to Bring Healing to Your First Chakra

Anything that falls under the purview of basic physical and emotional needs will be governed by this chakra, but it will be seen through the lens of the examples we were given within our family dynamic. All the belief patterns that were passed down from our family - ancestry.

This shapes our reality, our perspective and our belief about how to live in this world.

Our desire for justice.

Our ability to honor ourselves and others.

Our ability to be loyal and take responsibility and see things through. For example, if we were abandoned or betrayed by family members it will be exceedingly challenging to not only honor our own needs but be loyal towards ourselves as well as others.

Or most commonly that we need to meet others needs to be able to honor and feel worthy of receiving loved, accepted or validated.

Let's now focus on how to bring healing 1. List all the blessings that came from your family dynamic. 2. Find fun and creative ways to show up, be present and make a meaningful connection with yourself. 3. Regularly and consciously ground your energy through breath work, yoga, walking and meditation. 4. Understand exactly what belief patterns are no longer relevant (I'm never going to fit in, I'm not good enough, I'll always be rejected, I have to have it all figured out because no one is there for me) and find proof and evidence of how this is not true! 5. Work with a healer, coach or therapist to guide you in healing emotional wounds of tribal abandonment, shame or guilt.

Healing our energy body, our spirit very often takes more than some sage and crystals. It takes conscious loving connection with self to gently transform our inner world and see the impact in real time. If you're feeling depleted, burned out and overwhelmed and want some guidance, check out the resources below.

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Access detailed chakra workbooks below

Giving you specific tools and deep insight to heal and open your energy body. In loving service,


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