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6 signs You’re Healing Codependency + Growing Spiritually

It's a great feeling when we can physically see our inner growth, isn't it? I used to think that both spiritual and emotional growth meant detachment on all levels and that I would feel no pain. But actually, we are sentient beings, even our soul has emotions and feelings, and it's how we engage and interact with our world. Materially our emotions help us to gauge where we're at, what we need, desire, value, and when we need to set a boundary. How we connect with and express this part of ourselves is actually a great measure of our spiritual growth.

Are you reacting from ego, from trauma response - deep emotional wounds or is there space between your emotional response for introspection and connection with self before responding?

Here are some signs of spiritual and emotional growth - 🔆You’re beginning to understand your own needs and how to meet them in healthy ways 🔆You're no longer rescuing or taking responsibility for other’s needs as if they were your own 🔆You understand others emotional capacities and no longer take it personally 🔆You know how to balance and ground your energy when you’re triggered 🔆You’re seeing any traumagenic experiences as symbolic of your healing journey 🔆You’re seeing divinity & divine arrangement when leaning into your emotional pain and discomfort

What signs have you recognized lately to show your inner growth, lovely? If you're wanting more support and guidance on how to heal your emotional world, check out the resources below: Join my complimentary Empath Mini-Course to start protecting your energy without giving your power away!

Access the detailed Boundary Workbook below

Which gives you specific tools and deep insight to heal and open your energy body. In loving service,

Lalita | Spiritual Growth Coach

Activate Your Spiritual Evolution

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