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5 Types of Mother Wound + How to Heal

Sending lots of love to all those who are navigating healing in relationship with their mothers as well to those who are making space to heal emotionally and advance spiritually whilst being a mother, themselves.

You’re my hero!

As empaths we never seek to blame or fault find but instead focus on how we can lift ourselves from the challenges before us and in doing so lift the hearts and minds of our lineage. This is always the goal!

And by bringing awareness to the different ways emotional wounds can manifest allows us to understand our relationship with ourselves because our parents behaviors dictate and determine how We see ourselves, How we treat ourselves, Our feelings and needs And how we talk to ourselves.

We become a mother in relationship to ourselves through this learned behavior.

Below are the 5 different types of mother wound

🔸Narcissistic or Narcissistic traits - Emotional manipulation, criticizing, guilting, shaming, nit picking, controlling, physical, mental and emotional abuse.

🔸Quiet - Often there’s birth trauma, postnatal depression, something that created distance in the beginning 0-8, overall lack of warmth or attunement emotionally.

🔸Chaotic - Lack of boundaries, takes on way too much, state of anxiety or chaos, always busy, stressful environment and therefore not available emotionally.

🔸Parentification - Over reliance on the child to meet the mothers emotional needs - codependent, child is the go between and counselor. Shares too much forcing the child to grow up quickly, creates rescuer archetype

🔸Angry - Internal dis-regulation, anger issues that are vented onto the child, not available to be kind and caring, often cruel and harsh with words.

What is the one that stood out for you’re the most as a recipient? Not as a mother yourself but as a child growing up with your mother or mother figure. There’s usually one that’s most prominent and then secondary.

After you’ve chosen, ask yourself the below questions

🔹How do I show up for myself when I’m in pain? 🔹How do I show up for myself when I make a mistake? (if you got yelled at, you will likely yell at yourself) 🔹How do you treat myself on a daily basis? (what’s the baseline, do you make space for your inner world?) 🔹How do you give yourself care, nurture - selfcare? (if your relationship was mostly about your mother, you likely won’t know how to do this) codependent 🔹How do you show up for others?

Now pick one that feels most out of alignment for you and find a strategy to show up for yourself in a healthy way. The key here is awareness and even if you just focus on being more aware of what happens when you make a mistake, are in pain..etc! This is progress! If you're wanting more support and guidance on how to heal your emotional world, check out the resources below: Join my FREE Empath Mini Course to start protecting your energy without giving your power away!

Access detailed Boundary Workbook below

Giving you specific tools and deep insight to heal and open your energy body. In loving service,



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