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Body Mind Soul - Online

Are you feeling overwhelmed, burned out and disconnected?

Are you wanting to unpack those things inside your mind and heart that are just weighing so heavily on you?

For some reason we're not really encouraged in society to really connect with ourselves, understand our values, needs, express them and overall know who we really are our inner selves, that's right that part of you that's calling the shots but you don't seem to have a handle on and maybe you feel like it's taking you around in circles...
This is where a coach, mentor or counsellor can come in handy! 

I facilitate your journey inwards, through conscious and open space holding, really hearing and seeing YOU! Helping you navigate what's inside and bring it to the surface, bring it out, where it's tangible, feeling like you have control over this part of you again!

Throughout each session, my focus is to assist you in accessing the beauty and strength that’s already inside you to move forward on your journey without the limiting beliefs and negative patterns holding you back. I do this by offering a range of different life coaching, healing, and meditation tools.

1:1 Spiritual Coaching sessions can be done online as well as in person.

Click the button below to book your FREE clarity call and see if we're a good fit for each other.

I look forward to serving you.

Helping you navigate your Healing Journey!


My coaching sessions with Lalita have given me such incredible insight. She holds space, deeply listens and has allowed me to see major truths in my life I had not been aware of. This is done in the most intuitive and empowering way, being both gentle and holding me accountable at the same time. My life has transformed since my first session with Lalita. If you are ready to take the step to grow and expand I can’t recommend Lalita enough.


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