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How to Receive High Vibe Love that Conquers Self Sabotage

Join me as I guide you through a inward journey of self discovery that will transform unhelpful patterns into divinely aligned ones.

Sunday 13th November

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FREE Tune In Immersion

About This Event
One of the most common and detrimental blocks we have on our spiritual healing journey is self sabotage! Yep..
Even our trauma imprints are a form of sabotage, in as much as they're unhelpful patterns that stop us from receiving and accessing the love we deserve.

If you're

  • Constantly doing things for everyone but yourself - fawning trauma response

  • Dependent on others for feeling safe and secure within

  • Feeling Fear and anxiety often

  • Struggling with low self worth and self esteem, self sabotage

  • Feel emotionally disconnected/burned out

  • Often really triggered and agitated

  • Overthink and analyze everything

  • Struggling with intrusive thoughts and intense inner critic

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