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Hi Lovely

I'm Lalita, founder of ATMA - Your Healing Journey. A healing sanctuary for women wanting to connect to their inner healing journey.

I utilize my 5 years of training as a monk, training in coaching, counselling, bodywork, energy healing and somatic therapy in an east meets west approach to support women through their healing journey, helping them to transform their trauma responses into a deep loving and reciprocal relationship with themselves.

Trauma is the understanding that what we have experienced doesn’t just stay in our mind as a memory but rather a memory in our body. It’s something that’s still very misunderstood. Even though anxiety and depression are now commonly recognized in our society, they can actually be responses of a deeper pattern of trauma, often very well hidden underneath the surface.

Only appearing or rather becoming obvious when we can’t reach a goal, are feeling easily and constantly triggered, overwhelmed, stressed and/or burned out. Sometimes feeling like we have to please everyone else to feel validated/safe.

Our minds and emotions are extremely complex systems, perfectly designed but when we’ve spent years disconnected from this part of ourselves. Our inside world can become a scary and overwhelming place.

Having struggled for years in silence with complex trauma I became truly expert at running away from it. Always finding new and special ways to ‘people please’ and seldomly committing to my own healing journey.

Having been through this, I can deeply empathize with my clients struggles and challenges but mostly I can understand and feel what’s happening in their inner world and help them to access this through gentle loving guidance.  Helping them to discover underneath it all, what’s really happening and offer tools and resources that empower, encourage and inspire them. Making their inner world a place to seek refuge, reconnect and feel loved not run away from.


I support women all over the world with 1:1 sessions and I’m truly so honored to be part of so many amazing womens lives. Women that have truly transformed themselves!


Education and Training

2007 Deep Tissue/Trigger Point and Swedish Massage Therapy

Body Riches Wellness Centre


2008 Level 1 & 2 Reiki - Carole Weave School

2010 Diploma Shiatsu - School of Shiatsu Perth

2011 Hypnotherapy, timeline therapy & Life Coaching - Tad James Co NLP Training

2013 - 2017 Shastra Chaksus (Vedic study of Theology) - Bhaktivedanta Academy Mayapur

2017 Diploma of Counselling - Estrada College

2020 Somatic Therapy - Somatopia

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