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Tune In Immersion

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Are you a busy woman desiring to shift into deep emotional security and divine alignment? Each step offers powerful tools to create and go further into a spiritual self-healing journey. Away from codependency, trauma response patterns, toxic relationships - disconnection from self. It's designed for ladies at all levels, offering a new world of information for those just beginning and a refinement and deep re-connection to familiar inner tools and information expressed in a unique vedic soul based way. Wherever you're at, it will offer you something special to rekindle a connection with Atma/Self and Divinity and create deep emotional stability. Here's what's involved- No more than 40min per day for 11 days. 1 x short info/guidance video (roughly 10min) 1x guided meditation (roughly 10min) Workbook exercises to implement and assimilate into your inner world (no more than 10min) We go over the workbook together in the first video for each day, so there's no extra reading, just the exercises to implement and if there's something that doesn't quite make sense or in general you have questions you can share in the online group that's connected to the program. I look forward to being part of your journey!

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