I'm Lalita

I'm a former Monk, Intuitive Energetic Healer, Trauma Informed Spiritual Coach & Mentor located in Northern NSW, Australia.

I support women who are tired of pleasing everyone else but themselves, guiding them on their own healing journey to regaining inner strength and taking back their power!

 Welcome to
ATMA - Your Healing Journey

As a intuitive empath I physically feel my clients trapped emotions in their body and I use this as a guide to assist my clients in accessing their inner world and move forward on their healing journey.

Having struggled all my life with the 'people pleaser' pattern which created anxiety, depression and an array of trauma related responses that ruled my life, it's a very natural experience for me to share the tools that saved my life with my clients


Can you relate to the people pleaser pattern?


🤍Are you giving out all your energy until there’s nothing left for you?

🤍Do you have trouble expressing who you really are, your authentic self?

🤍Afraid that if you do people will reject and abandon you?

🤍Do you feel like you’re stuck in your head, constantly overthinking?

🤍Do you find yourself rescuing and ‘fixing’ others often?

🤍And feeling like you’re not getting back what you’re putting out?

If you resonate with these points, you're likely in the throws of a 'people pleaser' pattern but don't worry there are solutions.


Why starting a healing journey is so important for people pleasers


People pleasers are naturally super sensitive and empathetic spirit souls.

Their awareness is highly attuned to subtle energies, sadly just not their own.


You’ve likely endured some trauma in your life and because of this, it’s hard to find your footing and voice in the world, what to speak of tapping into your inner world. However,

💙Learning to go within helps to create awareness of what’s really happening inside of you instead of all around you

💙It helps you to understand what signals you’re putting out that are attracting the wrong people into your life.

💙Where your energy is going, why and how to transform this


💙Teaches you who you are and how to give to yourself without having to give to everyone else first

💙Ultimately taking back your power and simultaneously setting healthy boundaries.


In short, working with me means going on an inner adventure.
I take you on a journey to explore these parts of you that are ‘stuck’ in this pattern of pleasing everyone else, simultaneously guiding you to find and create healthy loving outlets, releasing what’s no longer needed and bringing you back into wholeness - stepping into your power!


Ready to get started?

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Here are 3 ways I can Support

YOU on Your Healing Journey Today!




Move away from a trauma response people pleasing world and activate and deepen your inner healing journey.

Atma Activator

Online & In-Person sessions available

1:1 Spiritual Coaching


Self paced daily tips and guided meditations for people pleasers.
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Tune In Challenge

Online Self-paced Workshop

7-Day Tune In Challenge


For deep healing, cleansing and emotional relief!

Energy Healing

Online & In-Person Sessions

Energy Healing



Outward change directly corresponds with inner change. They go together.

Client Love


Lesley Allen
Web Designer

I just wanted to thank you for turning my life around. I honestly don't think I would've been able to feel better had it not been for our sessions together. I am now able to comfort myself better than I ever have. I am more spiritual now. And that's because of you. I still have tough times, but they don't last very long and I am kind to myself when I feel crappy. I think you helped heal my brokenness.


Julie Hippsley
Disability Worker

You have a beautiful calming presence. That helped me relax and open up. I loved the healing relaxation and the detailed information that came from it. I really enjoyed the whole process. I would definitely recommend you to anyone looking for a reading. Thank you very much for the session, I got a huge amount out of it


Kirby Gordon

I am eternally grateful for Lalita's support as my mentor throughout the deeply personal journey of healing. With Lalita's guidance I was reminded, who I was at a soul level and learnt to see what was already within myself, to transform my life!

Lalita is professional and wise with so much knowledge to share. She is deeply intuitive, listens respectfully and holds a safe space.

I trust Lalita completely and recommend her services to anyone seeking support to release trauma, learn about themselves at a deeper level and heal holistically.