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I'm Lalita

I'm a former Monk, Intuitive Energetic Healer, Trauma Informed Spiritual Coach & Mentor located in Northern NSW, Australia.

I guide & support intuitive creative women to meet and express their spiritual growth needs, free traumatic imprints and self heal.

 Welcome to
ATMA - Your Healing Journey

I utilize my 5 years of training as a monk, years of study and practice as a coach, counselor and energy healer in an east meets west approach to teaching and supporting intuitive creative women to understand their emotional and spiritual growth needs.

Shedding karmic & traumatic imprints and creating deep self healing lifestyles.

Having struggled all my life with an array of trauma related responses that ruled my world, it's a very natural experience for me to share the tools that saved my life with my clients.


Does this sound familiar?


💗Feeling blocked/stuck when you look inside yourself, want and desire support and resources to do this

💜Lack clarity, creativity and inspiration in your day to day

💙Have trouble expressing who you really are, your authentic self

💚Feeling triggered, agitated, frustrated, burned out or depleted majority of the time

💛Feel like you want to release control over certain aspects and just release it to divinity

🧡You’ve worked a lot on your survival mode/trauma response but still feel it creeping into your day to day dealings

❤️You have a dire need to connect internally and have this as a big part of your life

If you resonate with these - your emotional and spiritual growth needs are really important to you but they’re likely not being understood or met.


Why support on a healing journey is so important...


I know you're really intelligent, independent and used to doing things on your own, you're also sensitive, empathetic and your awareness is highly attuned to subtle energies and to growing in these ways. however often this focus is mostly going out everyone else's and not coming to you which can be frustrating, exhausting and lonely, right!

Working with me on your journey looks like -

💗Bringing conscious awareness to those parts that have been laying dormant and keep you 'stuck' in old patterns.

💜Feel seen, heard, understood, accepted and FREE to be that person you are inside!

💙Receive clear and precise personalized knowledge and practical healing tools that help you take charge of your inner world instead of it controlling you!

💚Create a deep loving relationship with yourself and divinity through personalized routine


💛Etch in an empowered creative YOU that no longer allows your trauma response to be the driving force in your life. Take the power back from your past experiences.

🧡Understand your emotional needs and wounds and connect them with your spiritual self!


In short, working with me means going on an inner adventure.
I take you on a journey to explore these parts of you that are ‘stuck’ in old patterns and 'disconnected'  from your current reality, stopping you from embracing a life that dearly deserve

Simultaneously guiding you through profound spiritual truths, stimulating authenticity and abundance in your worldly endeavors.


Ready to get started?

How to Reconnect with YOU

The Ultimate Guide for a Self-Healing Journey


Here are 3 ways I can Support

YOU on Your Healing Journey Today!




Move away from a trauma response people pleasing world and activate and deepen your inner healing journey.

Atma Activator

Online & In-Person sessions available

1:1 Spiritual Coaching


Self paced daily tips and guided meditations for people pleasers.
Coming soon!

Tune In Immersion

Online Self-paced Workshop

5-Day Tune In Immersion


For deep healing, cleansing and emotional relief!

Energy Healing

Online & In-Person Sessions

Energy Healing



"The True Treasure Lies Within!"

Client Love


Lesley Allen
Web Designer

I just wanted to thank you for turning my life around. I honestly don't think I would've been able to feel better had it not been for our sessions together. I am now able to comfort myself better than I ever have. I am more spiritual now. And that's because of you. I still have tough times, but they don't last very long and I am kind to myself when I feel crappy. I think you helped heal my brokenness.


Lauren Exton
Social Worker/ Psychologist

Working with Lalita has allowed me to access parts of myself that had hidden away for years - even parts that had been wreaking havoc for decades. Lalita’s ability to tap into what really matters and what really needs to come to the surface is outstanding, whether that be a challenge from a few days ago or something unresolved from your childhood. Lalita’s healing techniques (both hands-on and hands-off) leave me feeling lighter, stronger, more calm and more ready to move graciously through whatever is coming next. I look forward to every session with this incredibly special, highly trained human who holds space for others in a way I’ve never witnessed before.


Kirby Gordon

I am eternally grateful for Lalita's support as my mentor throughout the deeply personal journey of healing. With Lalita's guidance I was reminded, who I was at a soul level and learnt to see what was already within myself, to transform my life!

Lalita is professional and wise with so much knowledge to share. She is deeply intuitive, listens respectfully and holds a safe space.

I trust Lalita completely and recommend her services to anyone seeking support to release trauma, learn about themselves at a deeper level and heal holistically.

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