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Tune In Immersion


Does this sound like you?


Do you feel you're always there for others but no one is there for you?
No one understands the real authentic you...

Are you a over the constant emotional roller coaster of trying to do the inner work but wondering if it's getting you any where?


Are you tired of rehashing your trauma story over and over again to counselors or psychologists and in your mind that only brings up anxiety and depression?

You're trying to understand how spirituality and shadow work go together and apply it to your life?

Are you wanting to feel more aligned spiritually but not really sure what this looks like for you?

Looking for some more tools/ways to go a bit deeper into your spiritual healing journey?

Are you wanting to create a crystal clear framework for your spiritual healing journey and move away from trauma response patterns?

Are you a bit time poor and needing something that's immersive but doesn't take all day?

If YES, then

Lovely, you're in the right place!

This is why I’ve created The Tune In Immersion!

We go on an experiential journey together and explore the foundational principles, purpose and function of


  • The energy body

  • The lower self

  • The higher self

  • The soul

  • Divinity

And how each of these parts of self play an integral role in your spiritual healing journey and being but most importantly the focus we'll be on assimilating these foundational principles into your day to day life - Self Healing!


What you'll Recieve

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Online Learning Portal 

 Easily access your 11 day program.

Each day has 2 short videos as well as workbook exercises to help you implement the spiritual self-healing tools into your day.

LIFETIME access.

Phone App

  Easily access your guided meditations as well as all the course resources through an application on your phone.

Guided Meditations

You have access to 9 really unique and personalized blend of silent, chakra, mindfulness and mantra meditations that support your tune in process for each day.

WorkBook + Journal

Don't worry there's no extra reading involved as we go through the workbook together in the first video of each day.

Private Online Group

An intimate community to connect, share your journey with, and create lasting bonds.

Inside each module are two videos
The first video is a section of the workbook that we go through together, I read it out by sharing my screen in camera.
The second video is a guided meditation to support you to assimilate the knowledge as begin the journey of tuning in.
And to finish the step are tune in prompts within your journal to further support your inward journey.


By the end you of the course you will:

  • Have  clear framework of self and connection with divinity

  • Understand and easily apply 3 different types of meditation

  • Understand the 3 qualities of your soul

  • Understand your energy body and how to use it to self-heal

  • Understand how to check-in and create a routine around this instead of giving - burnout - recharge - repeat.

  • Understand what spiritual self healing is and how to apply it to you

  • Understand your unique lower self needs, your trauma response and how to meet those needs

  • Know how to apply the four principles of dharma

  • Understand the core needs of your higher self

  • Understand the Vedic viewpoint of the Soul

  • Understand the three different bonafide ways to approach divinity

  • Learn transformative communication, connect with and heal different parts of you

  • Learn the importance of intuition and how to use it to self-heal


Your Instructor

Hi lovely, I'm a former Monk, Intuitive Energetic Healer, Trauma Informed Spiritual Coach & Mentor located in Northern NSW, Australia.

I teach busy intuitive women to move away from codependent trauma response patterns and lean into the art of spiritual self-healing by taking them on a personalized journey.


The journey guides them through understanding the importance of emotional stability within spirituality and the importance of spirituality and divinity within healing our emotional world, how you can link the two together and live a life of authenticity.

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Nicky Fernace

Great course.  Useful tools to implement daily. An abundance of empathy and understating of the human condition emanates from Lalita, all the way through.  Beautiful spiritual insights.   Interesting extras! Thank you Lalita for putting together this lovely course.   It gave me the time I needed to settle, relax and tune in.  To be there for myself, to identify what I need / don’t need / want to work on and especially what I am grateful for, all my blessings! Everyone would benefit from this course, it’s a great platform to work from. 

Lavida Rose

Lalita's dedication to her own path is the cornerstone of Atma's credibility. She is willing and fearless to enter her own inner terrain and in doing so forges a powerful constitution to do so for others. I just completed her Tune In Immersion program and felt that it provided great clarity for self awareness and reflection. If you are feeling lost - Lalita will give you some solid insights that will help bridge the separation you may be feeling.


I particularly liked identifying some of my needs and finding ways to meet them through meditation and positive thinking. I prioritized the need for love and connection as well as growth for my lower self. and the need to create lifts me to higher realms.
I also feel great freedom in knowing that it's okay to make mistakes.

I look forward to bringing this wisdom with me into my day to day

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