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3 Reasons Empaths Absorb Energies

Absorption means we don’t know the difference between our energy and someone else’s.

We’re so good at knowing exactly what’s happening inside others, what they’re feeling, and thinking, what they need to heal and in some cases we even know how to take the pain away!​ If we don't start treating ourselves with the same love, care and attention that we give to others we will eventually resent those that we're giving to, deplete our energy resources - burnout and ultimately never really find out who we are beyond others needs - our unique spiritual evolution. ​

Here are 3 reasons to help you contemplate what's happening when you're absorbing;

1. We don’t know our needs. Everyone else's needs usually come before our own and whilst it helps us to feel in control and safe it can also feel quite lonely.​

2. We scan our environment trying to figure out what's theirs and what's ours, constantly tuning into others' realities instead of our own.​

3. We use our intuitive superpowers to protect ourselves instead of evolving in our unique journey.

Which one do you most resonate with?

​​​Next time you catch yourself absorbing energies, here are some check-in questions to support you. Ask yourself;

1. How am I feeling in this moment? What do I need in this moment? i.e. to feel safe/certain/loved/free

2. Apply Shadow work - what am I doing to contribute to this situation/experience/relationship, what do I need to learn from this to support my inner journey? (How to do shadow work is covered in my Complimentary Empath Mini-Course)

3. Are my intuitive powers facing outward or inward?​Lovely, you’re so worthy of a life where others consider you and your needs!

In loving service,

Lalita | Spiritual Growth Coach


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