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3 Signs You Have Empath Superpowers

If you're an Empath you will very likely have these three superpowers -​​

⚡You're highly Intuitive and perceptive (which people often label as over-sensitive.🙄)

Able to interoperate or decode the emotions of others and in general pick up on things that are unspoken in certain situations and experiences.

​⚡You can feel the emotions of others very deeply, even physically taking them into your own body (absorbing them) without them saying a word. This includes plants and animals.

​⚡You feel the heavy weight of the world on your shoulders like you're picking up on the entire world's emotional energy. Often able to prophesy certain events playing out in your own life, for others as well as the world.

These can come in dreams or intuitive downloads.

***One year before the arrival of WWII Carl Jung had continual nightmares about the events that would take place.​

Sadly these superpowers are not identified as such. Instead often perceived as overwhelming, exhausting and draining. Ultimately leading to burnout, depression and high levels of anxiety.​

If you'd like to know more about your special Empath superpowers and how to utilize them in ways that actually empower you...

Join my Complementary Empath Mini Course!! Inside we cover -

How to properly use your empath superpower.

How to stop self-sabotage.

How to do shadow work.

How to protect your energy without exhaustion and depletion.

And so much more!

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​In loving service,​

Lalita | Spiritual Growth Coach​




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