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5 Signs You’ve Stepped Away from Authenticity


How do you feel when you’re connected with your authentic self?

What’s the first thing you notice when you step out of that?

Are you;

🔸Comparing yourself to others

🔸Feeling drained and depleted

🔸Feeling sorry for yourself, berating/sabotaging yourself -Entered a negative thought spiral

🔸 Hyperfocused on others thoughts and feelings

🔸Struggling to ground, and feel your feelings

Most Empaths don’t know what a life without being tuned into and caring for others all the time even looks like…

Living in a yo-yo state ofJoy because we get to be of service and know that we’re helping, healing being part of making the world a better place

However simultaneously wanting to disconnect from it all, the heartache and suffering.

From knowing and feeling things before they even unfold that no one else seems to understand! Feeling it all so deeply.

Suffering and realizing we don't have it all figured out is part of our human experience.​

The debilitating pain caused by stepping away or never knowing our true authentic selves is unbearable.​

If you're resonating with this and are looking for some simple steps to start reconnecting with your authentic self now, get in touch and join the Complimentary Empath Mini-Course.

You’re not alone, beautiful soul.

In loving service,​

Lalita | Spiritual Growth Coach


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