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A Culture of Fasting

In Australia, fasting is not really something that we do, in fact most westernized cultures support eating as much as possible or rather eating whatever we feel like, whenever we feel like. When I was introduced to Vedic culture and it’s concept on fasting I really hated it! It was such an austerity for me. I’ve always enjoyed eating whatever I wanted and never had any serious physical consequential ailments to prove me otherwise. Yet low and behold after my 30’s set in, I was indeed proven wrong. Since time in memorial fasting has not only been offered as an act of devotion to divinity but something recognized to aid our overall health, even our mental and emotional well-being! If you think about it our bodies and our minds don’t actually get a break! Our heart always has to do it’s duty to pump blood throughout our bodies, what to speak of the energetic job it has of holding onto our wounds, shall we not be able to let them go.

Many of you have queried me during our sessions about different physical ailments, and how to heal them and I’ve often suggested a cleanse as it’s not only a proven healing tool since time in memorial but it's also always something that's personally helped me. As we each go deeper into our healing journey's, acknowledging deeper layers of connectedness that's needed. Fasting is something that speeds this up or rather heightens the experience what is going on inside of us and offers a deeper opportunity to give love and empathy to ourselves. Not to mention the tremendous physical benefits! Here is what I just followed for a week to completely clean out my system. 500 ml celery juice every morning, first thing, followed by

500 ml warm lemon water I abstained from sugar, grains and dairy (I'm already vegetarian) to really give my body a break. You can also just continue with your normal diet, simply add the fluids first thing in the morning.

OR you could also just abstain from


Tea & Coffee

Sugar Dairy Grains Just one at a time and see what works for you. Often the physical and emotional demands of our external environment become so intense, that we forget to honor our own incredible intuitive abilities, the importance of tuning in and really listening to our physical and emotional needs. We forget to look inside and see just how beautiful it is and that only we have access to this part of ourselves, no one else. Happy fasting beautiful souls. In loving service, Lalita


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